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0000100Obsidian Conflict[All Projects] Bug-Reportpublic06.11.2011 19:5014.05.2013 16:50
Maestro Fenix 
major rework2-3 days 
0000100: Load a map (the same or different) using "create a game" option makes freeze the game
If you load a map using the create a game option, and after, you load another with the same method, the mod freezes.

If you load another map with the console, doesnt happen.

This is extremely annoying when you are "testing alone" stuff, forcing you close and run the mod in order to can load a different map.
Use the "Create a game" option".

After load the map, disconnect and/or in the middle of the game create another new game. Doesnt matter what type of map you load.

The mod will freeze when appears the load bar at the point "Establishing the connection to the server".
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20.12.2011 14:10   
use changelevel in console or disconnect before using the gui again, the Source2007 Engine GameUI is totally bugged... I'm annoyed by that too and my ToDo list already has an entry for that~