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0000104Obsidian Conflict[All Projects] Bug-Reportpublic20.12.2011 04:1022.10.2012 05:56
0000104: z_harrier2_f material crashing issue
So recently we were so bored that we didn't know what to pick, so we picked z_harrier2_f. And I realized, every time something uses a red glow texture and an explosion effect collides with it, your game crashes. I have seen up to maybe, a 50% chance of this happening.
Kill the red spinny things that open up/ shoot at the red laser beam source (where the beam emits from). with an RPG.
Apparently, I have seen people have a higher chance of crashing with ATI graphics cards. But it happens with Nvidia's sometimes also.
ATI, bug, Crash, material, red, z_harrier

20.12.2011 04:15   
what I meant by the laser beam, mean it on the boss that blasts lasers out of the bottom and spins
21.10.2012 21:51   
anyone can give me a crash dump on this one? else I'll close this one as I've never seen it happening...
22.10.2012 00:37   
I can't reproduce this crash, i have also never seen this happening before.
22.10.2012 05:56   
Oh, I'd clean forgotten about this one, it happens at the UFO finale. ~90% chance of a client crash there.