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0000108Obsidian Conflict[All Projects] Bug-Reportpublic25.01.2012 20:4825.01.2012 23:20
Maestro Fenix 
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0000108: Trigger a object with info_waypoint parented in a trigger_once_oc makes crash the mod
If you parent a info_waypoint to a physic object (doesnt matter if is a normal prop_physics or a overrided one), and then, you make touch the object with a trigger_once_oc that makes an output of killing the object, the mod will crash.

No idea if this happens on the normal trigger_once, as well as the trigger_multiple.

The mod will crash anyway whether if you make an output to kill the object and the waypoint as if you only kill the object.
(In Hammer):

Parent a info_waypoint with a prop_physics

Make a trigger_once_oc and make an output that kills the object

(In the mod):

Pick up the object and carry it to the trigger to crash the mod.
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25.01.2012 23:09   
Workaround: disable the waypoint before killing it or the object its parented to.
25.01.2012 23:19   
This is no longer an issue in, I'll see if any better workarounds exist that can be applied to the next server hotfix.