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0000109Obsidian Conflict[All Projects] Bug-Reportpublic26.01.2012 04:2202.10.2012 09:03
minor fix< 1 day 
Windows 7 
0000109: S.L.A.M. exploit that may be used to grief other players
There are two possible ways that this might be triggered,

1: A regular friendly Slam is on the wall, you throw your slam and the slam touches a friendly slam's laser which can explode your team mate.


2: Your team mate plants a slam, and right as the slam turns on your thrown slam touches the laser and explodes. I'm not sure if both work or just one works I haven't actually thoroughly tested this.
Throw a slam in front of a friendly laser

or Throw a slam just as a friendly slam's laser turns on.
I'm not sure if this occurs ONLY while the person has planted it and just before it enables my slam goes in front of the laser just as it turns on.
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