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0000116Obsidian Conflict[All Projects] Bug-Reportpublic06.03.2012 17:3306.03.2012 23:25
Maestro Fenix 
minor fix< 1 day 
0000116: Using a color in the hud makes the quick view disappear of the crosshair
(Note: the quick view is the two bars that appear in the crosshair indicating your health and ammo if you active it).

I had this problem in 1.3.4., but i forgot reported it, probably because i thought it got fixed alone. Until today.

I discovered that if you go to mod options->hud->and put the numbers colors to 0 255 0 (only blue), the quick view disappears, like if you would put 0 0 0.

Curiously, if you put only green (0 0 255), the quick view will be blue, but the numbers will be on green.

No idea if another combinations will be bugged.
Go to mod options

Go to the HUD section

In "Number color", put only blue (0 255 0) and later only green (0 0 255)

Look how it disappears and/or your crosshair is blue unlike the rest.
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06.03.2012 23:25   
This bug was caused by the code incorrectly using the green convar value instead of the blue one (RGG instead of RGB). I discovered and fixed it last week.