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0000138Obsidian Conflict[All Projects] Bug-Reportpublic09.08.2012 20:1106.10.2012 18:21
Maestro Fenix 
minor fix< 1 day 
0000138: mp_weaponstay 1 prevents picking up additional grenade type weapons for ammunition
If you put mp_weaponstay 1, you only will able to pick only ONE grenade/SLAM or manhack, when is supposed to pick more of one (you need pick another as a ammo, not unlike the other weapons).

The ideal fix would be make that the command would ignore those weapons.
Set mp_weaponstay at 1
Try to pick up more of one grenade/SLAM/manhack
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13.08.2012 23:37   
It will also prevent you from picking up more than one scripted weapon.