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0000143Obsidian Conflict[All Projects] Bug-Reportpublic06.10.2012 20:5216.10.2012 18:47
0000143: APC-fired rockets do not seem to have an owner
Rockets fired by an APC do not seem to have an owner, this can be seen on d1_canals_01a when the APC fires rockets on the turret.
The turret's npc_bullseye does not take damage because the rockets do not pass the filter which is set to the APC's name, i even tried to set it to the APC driver's name and no luck.
This is functional in vanilla HL2.
load d1_canals_01a, mount the turret and mow down some metrocops until the APC appears, its rockets will not do any dammage to the turret like they should. Type ent_fire apc_1_turret_bullseye_1 setdamagefilter "nil" and it will take damage, it should destroy the turret in about 3 hits.
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