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0000147Obsidian Conflict[All Projects] Bug-Reportpublic10.10.2012 00:0918.10.2012 03:20
0000147: Revisiting maps through transitions breaks npc_makers
Revisiting a map you've been on before (like d1_town_02) will break the npc_maker on that map, the console will spit out various errors like "npc_maker roofzombie_maker4 has no specified NPC-to-spawn classname."

I also noticed that i could not remove specific trigger_changelevels on the 2nd visit because the console would just tell me that it's trying to delete an invalid origin.
I could work around it by deleting all trigger_changelevels via classname and recreating the trigger i still needed, so this isn't too important.
Start d1_town_02 and play it normally until you visit the map the 2nd time. (d1_town_02 > d1_town_03 > d1_town_02)
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