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0000149Obsidian Conflict[All Projects] Bug-Reportpublic21.10.2012 04:1421.10.2012 19:53
the jjb 
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0000149: Not being able to exit vehicles after entering them
Whenever I enter a vehicle on Oc_diving, I cannot leave it unless I reconnect to the server which is irritating to me. Killing myself makes the vehicle I was driving follow my every movement until I disconnect. This also happens with the controls for the holder on ep2_OC_broken_escape as well. From what I've seen this only happens to custom vehicles as I can enter and exit the buggy with no problems.
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21.10.2012 19:53   
That's a long known bug, no one bothered to write it on here yet so yeah, it's all about where you have your mouse angles at, if you don't move your mouse from the point on where you enter the pod you can leave all the time, else you need to search for the right angle...

Not sure how to fix that yet...