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0000153Obsidian Conflict[All Projects] Bug-Reportpublic22.11.2012 16:5322.11.2012 16:53
Maestro Fenix 
0000153: Switching graphical options makes a strange MOTD appear ("Just for 15 euros")
Alright, investigating, i discovered that this error only shows when you change a lot of graphical options (for example, enabling-disabling MSAA).

First, the console says that the screen readjust to the following size (that doesn´t change, for example 1200x800->1200x800), the title (Obsidian Conflict) disappears, and this "MOTD" appears in game (if you select create a game instead of reboot the mod after changing your video options).

The MOTD file is intact, and i don´t have any briefing file.

I don´t know from where it reads this message, but i want to think that this doesn´t compromise the security of an account. Didn´t tested it yet on the SVN.
Change your graphical options (enable MSAA for example).

Instead of rebooting the mod, create a new game (notice that the title disappeared).

Look the MOTD.
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