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0000156Obsidian Conflict[All Projects] Feature-Requestpublic05.02.2013 10:5527.05.2013 10:49
0000156: popularity
my proposal / request is not OC-code related, but i think it would be a great step to request coop with the blackmesa dev team. in every aspect.
may be a big request to the other team but may also help both mods to get more popular, share hours of work, survive, get playerbase
(nearly nobody of my steamfriends knows OC -__- )

- i see lots of redundant work concerning the remaking of HL1 stuff in source, work together there (not bins, but models, weapon scripts or what ever ...)
- fuse the dev teams and use overlapping resources together (maybe thats isnt possible anymore at this point)
- support mounting of BM stuff
- mention each other on your sites, link to each other
- or maybe even include the HL1 storyline (in BM form) into OC like svencoop did with hl1 (different download packages could be possible)
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05.02.2013 11:06   
ah and btw coop with Synergy team and Svencoop team (if they plan to start a source-version) could be possible to.

at least advertising for each other and sharing some models / maps / playerbase / content servers etc
svencoop source would be redundant since OC is exactly that, but we could make OC the official "source svencoop" (create a fusion name ?) using their playerbase what ever

i know my ideas are somehow radical ... but just thoughts ... think about it.
OC deserves more popularity ...
05.02.2013 13:32   
I'm voting no. The way I see it, there's already enough on our plate at this time, and what you're proposing will become an additional setback to progress (and ultimately, release).
05.02.2013 15:23   
oh brother, ok let's start with the actual report:

I've already talked to one of the BM:S Dev's who's in my Steam List, there are no plans yet to do that, but I belive if they ever decide to get Coop going they'll know who to contact...

Content from them is not a problem as the current SVN version is able to mount Mods but it doesn't really help if there isn't actual code sharing done since I bet that their Models have custom Animations which we don't have in Support currently...

you can't fuse mod teams's which members are going to leave with the next release (that's what's going to happen with BM:S on the Xen Release)

that with the linking won't probably happen but I guess I could ask them~

Now to that comment...

Synergy will never cooperate or even fuse with OC, this has been discussed many times already, use the forums search...

There probably won't be a SvenCoop Source (SvenCoop2 or whatever you'd call it) but just in case: no!

Name change, hmm I'd go for: NO!

Yes it does deserve more, make it happen by spreading the word in non-violent ways...
Maestro Fenix   
07.02.2013 23:59   
Sven Co-op 2 was canceled many years ago, why the people keep thinking that is at hold?

We can already forget about having a working BM campaign on OC, not only for the code for the npcs, but also for the maps themselves (which it would require edit every map for proper performance, anti griefing measures, and adapt it to OC), that it would require time and personnel to do it.

I would rather focus on fixing HL:S.
27.05.2013 05:26   
I'd be up for doing MapAdds for BM if anyone would be interested. It's not like I'm doing anything important lately and I just hit summer break.
27.05.2013 10:49   
Well feel free to do so then, you can use the addon system to add bm:s into the current version.
Something you might need to watch out is the npc's that are missing from the code, just replace them with their respective classes (ex. npc_human_security -> npc_barney or npc_human_scientist / npc_human_scientist_female -> monster_scientist)

you can replace them via mapadd, but watch out to not put those lines into the final version as OC will handle this in the future