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0000164Obsidian Conflict[All Projects] Bug-Reportpublic22.04.2013 22:4114.05.2013 17:06
0000164: Antlionguard attacking Strider causes Strider to float
If an Antlionguard attacks a Strider (shoving/charging), the Strider will start floating endlessly.
Antlionguard + Strider = Profit
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23.04.2013 03:09   
Gravity strider is not amused.

On a more serious note, I remember seeing a strider like this sometime back, but wasn't sure what caused it. At least I can reproduce the problem now, will see what can be done about it (hopefully without resorting to chaining an iron ball around one of its legs).
Maestro Fenix   
23.04.2013 09:09   
I think that it also happens when a Strider attacks an antlion and their ragdoll gets stuck on one of their legs. I remember (maybe even in 1.34?) playing on the official server on the Startship Troopers map, when the admins spawned striders to see that.

(I would say fly rather than float, but well).