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0000017Obsidian Conflict(No Category)public03.06.2010 22:2409.03.2011 14:41
PCWindows 7 
0000017: Crossbow crash on shooting gibs
The game will crash the server and all clients whenever a player shoots another player's gibs.
Make another player gib (By explosion) and shoot his gibs with a crossbow.
May only happen a few seconds after a gib is shot, or the gib suffers a physics force, or even when someone presses +USE on it.
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has duplicate 0000096closed W0rf0x Repel Player's gib always cause crash (Also include alien gibs) 

06.06.2010 06:49   
Gibs can sometimes crash the server under normal conditions
10.06.2010 03:03   
Confirmed this, happens with crowbar as well, seems to be related to some changes neico made to clientside ragdolls (for example it's not possible to move them anymore when shooting them.)

27.07.2010 16:10   
well when I tested it did it really crash, which was some weeks ago, but now I've tested it again to fix it but it doesn't crash anymore :/ the gibs are moveable crossbow- and crowbarable and you can press +USE as much as you want on it, no crash, only the ragdoll seems to still don't move, I've really god no idea where this bug comes from neither where it went now

and no I didn't change anything on the client-side regarding the ragdolls, only serverside which is also commented out

I'll keep an eye out for it, but for now does it seem to don't appear anymore (and I didn't change anything that could have fixed it...)