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0000172Obsidian Conflict[All Projects] Bug-Reportpublic13.06.2013 20:2413.06.2013 20:24
Maestro Fenix 
0000172: Monster_alien_controller fills the console with errors
Although it doesn´t affect the gameplay, if you have one or more Alien Controllers on your map, it will the console log with the following warning:

"DataTable warning: (class [unknown]): Out-of-range value (-32.000000) in SendPropFloat 'm_fDecay', clamping."

The class seems to change on the map you test it (saw it with prop_physics and point_servercommand). Sometimes, it appears as unknown.
Happens both on 1.35 and SVN.

Tesla says that he saw a similar warning appearing if some sprites were too large. Maybe is due something of HL:S that doesn´t work when it´s loaded on OC?
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