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0000174Obsidian Conflict[All Projects] Bug-Reportpublic04.07.2013 02:2609.08.2013 08:40
0000174: Game does not start
Whenever i enable HL2 EP2 i restart the game and when it starts up all i see is the main screen with nothing on it but in the bottom right corner i see a "loading" thing. I have nothing wrong with my pc and i got the link from a obsidian conflict linked site.
awseome, shotguns

04.07.2013 06:00   
Have you started HL2:EP2 at least once after downloading it? You don't actually have to play through the game, just quit as soon as you reach the game's menu. This step is necessary to decrypt the game files, or mods like Obsidian Conflict won't be able to access said files and will instead stall on startup.
09.08.2013 08:40   
Edit: I stand corrected.