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0000176Obsidian Conflict[All Projects] Bug-Reportpublic22.07.2013 23:0923.07.2013 09:41
Maestro Fenix 
0000176: func_tanks doesn´t attack to all the players regarless if is used !player or player
If you use the input to a func_tank (all the types of func_tanks) with the input SetTargetEntityName player (or using a npc_enemyfinder with the input OnFoundEnemy nameoffunctank SetTargetEntity, OnFoundPlayer gives the same result) so it can fire automatically to the players, it will only fire on the player that spawns on the info_player_start entity.

If you kick that player, it will fire on the next player that spawned on the info_player_start entity.
You can see quickly an example of this bug on the map c2a5c of HL:S. The func_tank has set SetTargetEntityName player, so it should fire to all the players (!player is only for one player in SP). But it doesn´t do that.
I can´t confirmed it at all, but the func_tanks wouldn´t be the only entities that has problems when using player.
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Maestro Fenix   
23.07.2013 09:41   
Shana: Workaround-> use an ai_relationship with the target player, and apply the relationship every time the player respawns.

This works if you use the ai_relationship + npc_enemyfinder combo. It will shoot first one player and when it kills it /goes outside of their range, it will shoot the closest one. It doesn´t shoot to multiple targets.

Putting in the ai_relationship the name of the func_tank works too, but is buggy, since sometimes doesn't work even if you respawn.

Fact: Having multiple func_tanks will make them aim to the same target.

Anyway, this report will be not closed, since it needs to be fixed.