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0000177Obsidian Conflict[All Projects] Feature-Requestpublic02.09.2013 17:2402.09.2013 17:24
Maestro Fenix 
0000177: Improve item_cloak and item_shield

sv_shieldstrength doesn't work properly. Their info says that it defines the "health" of the shield, but if you put a higher number like 100, it will appear at the half (or less) of the power bar, but the shield will continue having the same health, affecting only the HUD.

Make an option in Hammer to define the health of the shield.


Make it toggleable like the shield and not forcing the players to keep pressing their button.

While you are using the cloak, you can't switch between weapons.

Create a CVAR/Hammer option to define the number of seconds that lasts the cloak.

In Hammer, both entities appears with an ERROR model, because it doesn't find the models. The problem is at the Obsidian.fgd, that it defines a wrong path for the models:

The shield should be "models/player/modules/w_powermodule.mdl", instead of models/Player/w_helmet.mdl".

The cloak should be "models/player/modules/w_cloak.mdl instead of models/Player/w_cloak.mdl"

I have to found the exact combination of actions, but it looks like that using the shield or the cloak, while you are running, it makes bug the player controls, making sprint forever even after die, like if the player would press the sprint button.
The bugs happens both on 1.35 and the SVN version.
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