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0000179Obsidian Conflict[All Projects] Bug-Reportpublic05.10.2013 18:2513.10.2013 15:08
0000179: Merchants don't work
When I open a map like oc_harvest or oc_starshiptroopers where there are merchants to purchase weapons from, I cannot access their menus. I walk right up to them and press the "Use" key but no menu comes up and I have no way to buy weapons.
I also have no merchant in my oc_lobby. I didn't even notice there was an absence until I joined someone else's server and saw they did have a merchant in their lobby. I could press the "Use" key on them and access a menu, but I still couldn't when I created my own servers. How do I fix this?
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Maestro Fenix   
13.10.2013 15:08   
There aren't merchants in oc_lobby by default. Those are added by the server admins.

You can see the rest of windows like the ammo/points sharing, the inventory or the countdown timer? Tell us your PC specs.

Also check if you have files in your obsidian/scripts/merchants folder. If not, reinstall OC 1.35 and then, the hotfix.