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0000180Obsidian Conflict[All Projects] Bug-Reportpublic13.10.2013 13:5113.10.2013 13:51
Maestro Fenix 
0000180: item_ammo_crate makes spawn a weapon_frag at 0 0 0
After several months tracking down from where a weapon_frag come from that always appeared at 0 0 0 on all the maps, I discovered that it comes from item_ammo_crate (the large green boxes), when it is set to give grenades.

When you open the crate for the first time (you pick the weapon for first time, 5 grenades as default), after a while, it will respawn at the origin of the map, like if the mapper originally didn't placed it correctly at the world.

So, if you have three grenade crates, and you pick the grenades from the three (picking the weapon, then losing it due death of the player), it will spawn three weapon_frags at the origin of the map.
Pick a map which their origin is visible/near (if is not visible, but is near, you will be able to hear how it respawns).

Search and use an ammo crate that gives grenades (make sure you don't already have grenades, if you exhausted it, it will not work. If you are unsure, kill your player).

Go to the origin of the map and watch/hear how a weapon_frag appears and keeps respawning at it (the default time is around 3-4 seconds before it respawns).
Happens both on "retail" and SVN.
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