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0000184Obsidian Conflict[All Projects] Bug-Reportpublic19.12.2013 14:2219.12.2013 14:26
Maestro Fenix 
0000184: Npc_hgrunts are hostile to npc_citizen, but they can't hurt them
Npc_hgrunt are hostile to npc_citizen, and the npc_citizen considers the npc_hgrunt as an enemy too. But for some reason, npc_hgrunt doesn't do any damage to the npc_citizen (even with their grenades).

Also, it seems that npc_hgrunt can not be gibbed, as even with explosions, it continues making ragdolls.
Happens both on 1.35 and SVN.
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Maestro Fenix   
19.12.2013 14:26   
Also, although npc_hgrunt is based of the npc_combine_s, it doesn't have the Tactical Variant and Walk Easy options.