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0000020Obsidian Conflict[All Projects] Bug-Reportpublic09.06.2010 06:0928.09.2012 11:32
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0000020: Inability to unscope during scripted weapon reload
Hello, I noticed that when reloading a scripted weapon while scoped, it becomes impossible to unscope until the reload sequence completes. This happens on both listen and dedicated servers.
1) Start a server and give yourself a custom weapon with the scope capability (e.g. the OICW, or any of the CS:S sniper rifles).
2) Fire a couple of shots, zoom in and reload, attempting to unscope while the weapon is reloading.
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has duplicate 0000141closed TESLA-X4 Can't unscope while reloading 

09.06.2010 06:26   
well the scripted weapon code is pretty strange coded, i wanted to add the same ability like on the sniper that you zoom out while reloading but meh...

i don't bother much about that anyways as i have other plans...