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0000021Obsidian Conflict(No Category)public11.06.2010 21:4128.09.2010 16:45
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AlastorMicrosoft Windows 7 Ultimate x646.1.7600 
0000021: ch_createvehicle
A Command that replaces ch_createairboat ch_createjeep and ch_createjalopy and combines them so that if you use ch_createvehicle it only spawns an airboat jeep or jalopy according to if the map allows it.

and 3 optional parameters which work like that:

ch_createvehicle <vehicle name> <model name> <script name>

where <vehicle name> can be: "airboat", "jeep", "jalopy" and maybe some others (suggestions needed)

and <model name> is a path inside the models folder ex: jalopy has models/vehicle.mdl which would be here "vehicle.mdl"

and <script name> to specify a vehcile script that should be used ex: jalopy has scripts/vehicle/jalopy.txt and would be here "jalopy.txt"
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