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0000039Obsidian Conflict(No Category)public05.09.2010 03:2828.09.2010 16:45
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0000039: Changing game over behaviour in lives mode
Basically a way to change the "game over" behaviour when all players ran out of lives, changing from the current one that ends the game and goes to the next map in the mapcycle to one that restarts the current map instead.

Could be a cvar alas "mp_gameover_type", 0 for the current one, and 1 for maprestart.
For the future, you could also set it to 2 for a "custom" one that will fire a "OnAllplayersDead" output in the game_lives_manager to allow mappers to play a ending scene or something.

But for now only 0 and 1 are important since the hl2 campaigns will use lives and the current way of how game overs are handled doesn't work too well with that.
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