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0000043Obsidian Conflict[All Projects] Feature-Requestpublic28.09.2010 20:5915.08.2011 07:34
0000043: Dynamic Crossbow Scope
Crossbow scope that isnt just black screen with crosshair in middle.
It adds realism to the crossbow scope by replacing the black screen scope with more realistic scope.

You can also see trough the scope when you arent 'aiming' with it.

link to the codes and other info http://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Adding_a_Dynamic_Scope [^]
one small problem that i know of, is that when you are 'no scoping', the scope seems to ignore the existence of stuff in skybox
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04.08.2011 17:45   
Technically speaking, I don't think it's possible to see through a scope (like a camera) when not looking through it. I'd advise a black material layer that fades in when the scope is... err, unscoping.

How about ironsighting animations mixed with the dynamic scope? (Shouldering the crossbow to scope so to speak) and allowing this to be added to existing models with this feature (DOD:S weapons and insurgency models etc.) also doing this with materials.

... Well, at least, that's how I did dynamic scopes, with materials >.<; S-so yeah, if you guys do it some other ways, I'll just Derp and sit in the corner :p
15.08.2011 07:34   
(edited on: 15.08.2011 07:54)
That's more of a model issue since the code has already been integrated into the latest mod code. It's up to modelers where they wish to place the virtual 'screen' on the model.
I am already planning to add a weapon script flag to selectively enable transitioning between ironsights and the (fullscreen) scope.