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0000056Obsidian Conflict[All Projects] Bug-Reportpublic07.02.2011 16:2427.05.2013 05:28
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0000056: ATI Graphics Bug
See http://www.obsidianconflict.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=4253 [^]
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has duplicate 0000101closed  [Problem] In some maps i can see behind walls and grafics are bad 

07.02.2011 16:25   
Should have added this a long time ago here... oh and fixed...
28.03.2011 23:19   
Using the binaries Neico supplied some months ago:

The ati bug is back.
28.03.2011 23:23   
Steps To Reproduce Directly joining a server with a mount map.

I think this is different than before because, if I can recall correctly, you had to join a map which would be played fine. And then go to another with a different mount which would result in the bug. Now it's at instantly joining a map. After which you go to oc_lobby and it's all fixed.
Additional Information I'll try joining more servers when they are playing a map other than a hl2 only map. Like oc_lobby.

First encountered on oc_inlight and second encounter there too.
21.04.2012 23:49   
(edited on: 21.04.2012 23:52)
Redone most of the Mount code, all it needs now is a tester now, I would prefer someone from the Beta Team tough...

But at this point I'll even give it out to anyone with an ATI Card since ATI users seem to have become rare.

27.05.2013 05:28   
My friend in Australia has an ATI card in his computer, so maybe we could get him? It would be a suitable replacement for me since my dad won't let me put the ATI cards into my PC again.