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0000069Obsidian Conflict[All Projects] Feature-Requestpublic19.03.2011 00:1623.08.2012 00:41
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0000069: NPC that attaches itself to players
An NPC that attaches itself to players, slowing them down, while also draining their health points.

Travel speed would be the same as a fast zombie.

Also, give it the ability to jump high into the air when it reaches specified entities. While in the air, have it still head towards its target, even in flight. If it lands on top of the target's hitbox, have it attach itself to it. If its foe lands on top of its hitbox instead, it will pause/flinch for a moment, than attach itself to it.

Possibly have it act this way towards enemy NPC's as well.
drain rate & jump-to-air entity are keyvalues
npc name is npc_leecher
keyvalue for if the enemy can remove it, and or the enemies teammates
if enemy can't remove it, set enemy's anim state to no weapons and prevent attacks
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24.03.2011 23:42   
3:39 PM - W0rf0x: Yeah but use the headcrab idea i had :P
3:39 PM - MMavipc: what's that?
3:40 PM - W0rf0x: it still would be a good feature
3:40 PM - W0rf0x: so headcrabs can attach to players, slowing them down and drowning health
3:41 PM - W0rf0x: having a new Keyvalue, chance of coupling with head in percentage on every jump that hits
19.11.2011 09:28   
I set it to suspended since no one picked it up after I left the team, someone on the team can close it if they wish.
23.08.2012 00:41   
Headcrabs attaching to players reminds me of parasites from Alien Swarm, would be a cool feature to be honest.