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0000074Obsidian Conflict[All Projects] Bug-Reportpublic23.05.2011 14:1517.12.2011 19:32
Maestro Fenix 
minor fixnone 
0000074: Buggy gets always running when you die
When you die in the "special way" that i say in "Steps to Reproduce" box, the buggy continues running, until a wall or something stops it. You cant back to use it. (but you can use the ammunition box of behind).
1º:Get in the buggy and and go parallel close to a wall.

2º:Charge the TAU cannon at max while you running the buggy.

3º: Shoot. You will die as a result of the deflection of the energy shoot. In this moment, the buggy will continue running.
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21.07.2011 04:30   
I can't seem to reproduce this, must the vehicle be moving at a certain speed to trigger this bug?
Maestro Fenix   
26.07.2011 09:52   

No, normal speed (without use nitro). You mst be the most near of a wall (the mountain at right after exit the tunnel of the chapter where we see again the hunters in EP2 can help you.

You must charge at maximun the energy and shoot it aiming to the wall.

If you continue without seeing it, call me.