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0000078Obsidian Conflict[All Projects] Bug-Reportpublic20.06.2011 20:2327.07.2011 23:49
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0000078: oc_harvest - Prop and Bucket Glitching
When any bucket or prop from the hardware store is put in the inventory and taken out, the prop goes back to the motion disabled state and is permanently stuck for the rest of the map. This does not work for the initial bucket you have.
1. Set sv_maxinvobjectweight to 35 to ensure items can be put in inventory.
2. Buy a prop or bucket from the hardware store.
3. Suicide or try to take the object out of your inventory.

The prop will be permanently stuck, even if you jump before taking it out.
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17.07.2011 18:36   
Actually, I discovered the root of this problem. Whenever you put something in your inventory that was initially in a motion disabled state, it goes back to that state whenever it is taken out. This happens most often with purchased items like those in oc_harvest. All you would need to do is make sure that everything that comes out of your inventory is motion enabled, and this bug is gone.
27.07.2011 23:49   
Might I add that this includes -all- maps using the motion disabled feature?
That includes Paysan_B11 and I believe most maps where the thing you buy in the shop is a placeholder.

I suggest that instead, once the object is purchased, the prop model is removed and a second model (The useable one) is spawned. This should circumvent the problem.