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0000080Obsidian Conflict[All Projects] Bug-Reportpublic13.07.2011 09:3820.12.2011 14:36
Maestro Fenix 
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0000080: "Fire underwater" option doesnt work for the scripted weapons
"FireUnderWater1" command in the weapon scripts doesnt work. It fires the weapon (display the animation and sound), but the bullet (or the other type of ammo)isnt fired (no damage, no bullet decal if you fire against a wall). The worst of all is that consume ammo.

No idea if "FireUnderWater2" (used in secondary fire) works.
Pick a custom weapon with that option activated.

Go inside the water.

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13.07.2011 11:20   
(edited on: 13.07.2011 16:24)
Interesting... I'll investigate this when I get home.

Well, 'FireUnderWater1' works for me (test it out with the custom_deagle), though not perfectly - empty round clicks are played instead of actual gunshots, so there's definitely room for improvement.
'FireUnderWater2' fails entirely, on the other hand (at least, when I tried launching nades).