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0000084Obsidian Conflict[All Projects] Bug-Reportpublic26.07.2011 09:5927.07.2011 18:59
Maestro Fenix 
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0000084: Vortigaunts cant hurt you if you use certain weapons
If you use an ai_relationship entity in a map, you can make the vortigaunts attack you, no?

Ok, this is the problem. For unknown reasons, if you are using certain weapons (if you are using their v_ and w_ models), their energy attacks hit you, but cant hurt you if they attack you in front of you. But if you change to another weapon, or you move and your back/sides are shown, then you recieve damage.

Looks like the problem are in the custom weapons, but i dont know what can make this problem.
Select a custom weapon (the AWP is a good example for this bug).

Find an enemy vort, use the awp and wait for their attack (you must aim to it in order the bug happen).

Then, change the weapon or rotate, and then wait for their attack.
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Maestro Fenix   
26.07.2011 10:01   
Again i picked the wrong option. This bug is urgent.
27.07.2011 18:58   
(edited on: 27.07.2011 18:59)
This has nothing to do with the weapon being held, it's a regression in the Source 2007 SDK code that causes vortigaunts to miss players at certain angles. I've already fixed it in the latest code.