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0000085Obsidian Conflict[All Projects] Bug-Reportpublic26.07.2011 23:2025.03.2012 05:01
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0000085: "My Items" unusable after level change
If you have disconnected or are for some reason disconnected or forced to reconnect, any items in your inventory (My items) will be persistent and stuck. Furthermore, if a player suicides/dies/somehow loses this item, picking up and storing any other item will cause it to be permanently stuck into inventory unless the player restarts the entire game.
1. Pick up a storable item (ONLY ON YOUR OWN SERVER?)
2. Put it in My Items.
3. Disconnect and reconnect/connect to any other server.
4. Check My Items for any instances of this item appearing
5a. If not, pick up any other item you can store and store it.
5b. Try to drop this item.

- Item will NOT drop, unless you suicide, but suiciding every time to drop an item?... I don't think that will work for long. -
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26.07.2011 23:22   
It might be possible this will only occur if you are hosting the server yourself. I haven't been able to reproduce it on other people's servers, tested on 3 computers.

It must be said that the only way to resolve this issue is to restart the entire game.
26.07.2011 23:59   
I get this if I have used my inventory at all during an app session. On the next and subsequent ones, I can't use my inventory.
27.07.2011 16:53   
A couple of my friends joining the server confirmed what drhead just said...

This could be very annoying x3
I don't feel like restarting my game every time I join a server T-T
20.08.2011 16:07   
This problem cause from store item at the map's ending , when change the next map ,it become a buggy bag.
(This error can't solve by reconnect , only solved by restart OC)
Ex: you store a box ,then type sv_changelevel <map> to change next map , you can't drop anything in nextmap.

Possibility: you put item_1 in inventory , then you change map (this time item_1 still in your inventory) , after change to next map , item_1 disappeared , but inventory system happen a "erroneous judgement" of "item_1 still in inventory".
When you store item_2 ,now you can't drop item_2 because inventory system try to drop item_1 , but no item_1 in inventory ,so it drop empty.
25.03.2012 05:01   
After some investigation, I found that the main cause of this bug was the cooldown. The 'cl_dropselecteditem' command performs a check for the last time the command was used, blocking the call if the cooldown duration has not yet expired.
The bug appears because on a level change, the game's timer resets to zero, but the recorded time referenced by the command does not, which causes the command to fail since the game time is always less than the record (until the point where it exceeds the recorded time). Forcing a reset of that record on a level transition or reconnect resolves the issue.