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0000087Obsidian Conflict[All Projects] Bug-Reportpublic27.07.2011 19:1621.10.2012 21:41
0000087: OC_Harvest randomly crashes when players leave
Every once in a while, when the server has been up for +/- 60 minutes or longer, when someone leaves, the game crashes. It will not display an error log of any kind, just that HL2 has encountered problems.
1. Start a server.
2. Get someone else to join.
3. Wait 1 or more hours.
4. Let person 2 disconnect.
If it does not crash, I don't know why it does, but it happened twice in a row now.
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27.07.2011 23:55   
I've been running a stable server by myself for about 4 hours now, noclipping and spawning and removing random props and haven't been able to recreate this bug.

I really think it only happens when a player disconnects. It happened a second time today when a few hours ago I had a few friends on the server and one of them disconnected halfway. Very peculiar.
29.07.2011 09:51   
Strangely enough, after running it on a lan test with 3 people, it didn't happen... like, at all.
I'm confused.
31.07.2011 13:37   
Aaaand then it happened three times in a row, it makes no sense.

The activities that were done those times:

1st time: User changed model and disconnected @ 54 min ingame
2nd time: User hit a disabled player ragdoll @ 35 min ingame
3rd time: -Nothing at all, quite litteraly- @ 12 min ingame

O.o; I'm starting to think it's my computer, if it wasn't for the fact that all other maps don't have these problems.
31.07.2011 22:11   
A crash-dump would be nice.
01.08.2011 22:53   
That's the problem, even in windows' logs, there's no crash dump.
21.10.2012 21:41   
Still an issue?
I'd suggest RAM issue?