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0000090Obsidian Conflict[All Projects] Bug-Reportpublic28.07.2011 17:1921.10.2012 21:46
0000090: [Annoyance] Birds (Pidgeons oc_harvest) don't really die that easily.
The birds in OC_Harvest only die when shot directly in the head or body. Seeing you are more likely to hit the wings, they don't receive any damage, unless shot directly infront or behind when in flight.
Try to shoot a bird with something else than a shotgun-type weapon (357 or pistol)
Most of the times, the hits wont inflict damage.
Just a minor annoyance.
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28.07.2011 17:41   
Possible: Make a Skill annotation to set hitbox damage on pidgeon's wings?
28.07.2011 23:49   
Doing this, I also noticed that using custom weapons doesn't always damage something. In other words, Some custom weapons (Basic bullet mode) will strike a hitbox (Causing a blood splash) without doing actual damage!
29.07.2011 09:58   
(edited on: 29.07.2011 09:59)
This (The bird) glitch was indeed reproduced by other people on the server...
... with a fully automatic AR2, Pistol with increased damage and a 357.
The crossbow, however, seems to be giving an instant kill, but I haven't confirmed this yet. So does that mean this is intentional?

For the sake of bug reporting, I seperated the custom weapons not doing damage, else it might not be spotted...

02.08.2011 21:27   
So after a wee bit more researching, weapons using penetrating ammo <Crossbow, Sniper rounds etc.> Seem to work just fine... all other weapons, not so much.
24.10.2011 20:07   
You can kill birds with mushrooms.. or even with their meat.
21.10.2012 21:46   
You could open an local server and use sv_showhitboxes (if I remember right) and see how the weapons hit it, at best try to make a screenshot or even a video of it, if there really is an issue that comes with prediction and that stuff we'll take a look