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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  000006021 [Obsidian Conflict]
(No Category)
crashclosed (mmavipc)09.03.2011Crashing on startup with error "Could Not Load Library Client."
  00000173   [Obsidian Conflict]
(No Category)
crashresolved (mmavipc)09.03.2011Crossbow crash on shooting gibs
   0000064    [Obsidian Conflict]
(No Category)
featurenew09.03.2011Option to disable NPC gibbing or have gibs that are NPC specific (I.E. Combine soldier gibs for combine soldiers)
  00000351   [Obsidian Conflict]
(No Category)
crashresolved (mmavipc)07.03.2011Manhack killing defender crash the game.
  0000061    [Obsidian Conflict]
(No Category)
featureresolved (mmavipc)07.03.2011Keyvalue/flag to disable a NPC's information showing up on HUD
  00000591   [Obsidian Conflict]
(No Category)
majorclosed (neico)20.02.2011please upgrade mapadd system
  00000553   [Obsidian Conflict]
(No Category)
majorclosed28.01.2011When running Sourcemod OC plugin, players can speed hack by using a specific cvar, when they've activated another first.
  00000541   [Obsidian Conflict]
(No Category)
majorclosed17.01.2011There is no Application to start the game in the Source file and it does not add itself to steam
  00000501   [Obsidian Conflict]
(No Category)
majorclosed08.12.2010I have an unbreakable props
  000001331 [Obsidian Conflict]
(No Category)
minorclosed02.10.2010The "Fast view" on crosshair (HP and ammunition of the weapon) dont see properly
  00000191   [Obsidian Conflict]
(No Category)
minorresolved (Tysn)30.09.2010Cardwar bug
  00000401   [Obsidian Conflict]
(No Category)
featureresolved (neico)28.09.2010"GiveLivesToDeadPlayers" input for game_lives_manager
  00000391   [Obsidian Conflict]
(No Category)
featureresolved (neico)28.09.2010Changing game over behaviour in lives mode
  00000341   [Obsidian Conflict]
(No Category)
featureresolved (neico)28.09.2010Option to disable npc_zombine pulling grenades
  00000211   [Obsidian Conflict]
(No Category)
featureresolved (neico)28.09.2010ch_createvehicle
  000000812 [Obsidian Conflict]
(No Category)
minorresolved (Tysn)28.09.2010oc_harvest night kill bug
  00000141   [Obsidian Conflict]
(No Category)
minorclosed (Tysn)28.09.2010OC_Cards NavMeshing Errors and Head Crab Spawn Issues
  00000321   [Obsidian Conflict]
(No Category)
featureacknowledged26.09.2010Dynamic SteamID checks for donators/mod-banned people
  00000242   [Obsidian Conflict]
(No Category)
featureresolved (neico)28.07.2010More php commands for MOTD
  00000091   [Obsidian Conflict]
(No Category)
crashacknowledged (W0rf0x)27.07.2010HL2 EP1 Grav Gun Spam
  0000002    [Obsidian Conflict]
(No Category)
featureacknowledged (neico)27.07.2010Steam Browser Protocol
  0000023 1 [Obsidian Conflict]
(No Category)
trivialresolved (neico)27.07.2010Crosshair turns dark blue when FOV is 90 or greater
  0000016 1 [Obsidian Conflict]
(No Category)
crashclosed27.07.2010Crash when OC start
  0000028    [Obsidian Conflict]
(No Category)
minorclosed24.07.2010error opeing htp:/ /downloads.obsidainconflict .net /playermodels/oc-modelpac
  00000041   [Obsidian Conflict]
(No Category)
majorresolved (neico)09.06.2010Faulty "banned user"
   0000007    [Obsidian Conflict]
(No Category)
featureclosed (Tysn)07.06.2010Add a final battle sequence to card war
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