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0000118Obsidian Conflict[All Projects] Bug-Reportpublic17.03.2012 23:4705.02.2013 10:40
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Summary0000118: Modify Gauss to suit expected behaviour
DescriptionWell weapon_gauss is a wepaon from HL1, and tries to approach it in source engine.
My suggestions for this weapon to fit it's HL1 pattern (and to reduce the frustration on players ^^) :

- less (vertical) push-back (its twice as strong as it should be)
- a smaller/narrower/lifted area-of-effect cone (shoting the ground below you mostly kills you)
- and maybe improved wall-gauss (nearly all walls seem to block the damage and not spread it as expected)
Steps To Reproducefully load the gauss, shot the flat groud below you -> you should get no damage and fly just half of the high
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Maestro Fenix (developer)
18.03.2012 11:20


The Tau cannon is already like in HL1. You only have to know how to use it.
Rei (reporter)
17.04.2012 17:25

1. i know how to use the gauss to avoid any selfdamage

2. it is faraway from beeing like the HL1 gauss
(and im not fussy here - its really FAR away and it seems you have no clue about HL1)

so you just read the "self damage" part in my post and neither the stuff about wrong wall gauss calculation nor the fact, that it gives way to much recoil ?

the thing about recoil is tested very easy.
but concerning wall gauss:
make a room full of headcrabs, load the gauss and shot the flat, solid ground perpendicularly. heavy area damage occurs, where it should cause no single point of damage.
now shot thin walls (and their edges) and place test objects behind them.
you will notice that the area damage is mostly (always) reflected and not refracted (like prism + lightbeam) as it should be.

so the question is - is it intended to work different from the HL1 pattern ?, is it caused by the source engine ? and could/should it be changed ?

just my 2 cents
Rei (reporter)
05.02.2013 10:40

why am i actually reporting stuff ^^

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