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0000139Obsidian Conflict[All Projects] Feature-Requestpublic14.08.2012 22:5214.08.2012 22:57
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PlatformPCOSWindows XPOS VersionService Pack 3
Product Version0.1.3.5Product Build 
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Summary0000139: New entity request/idea: Ai_healthmanager
DescriptionThe idea for this is pretty simple, I'm unsure how hard it would be able to implement though.

I think of it as being similar to an ai_relationship. Basically it will compare two NPC's and keep their health matched. Imagine having a horde of zombies with a large amount of hp each, but hitting one applies the damage amount to all of them? Or having two bosses with shared health?

This could be great for maps with phases and lives mode, as each phase could end when the boss reaches a certain percentage, that health is carried over to a different boss in the next phase with different gameplay and such.

Possible structure:
Start Active Yes/No
Reciprocal Yes/No

Tagsentities, mapping, new feature
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