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0000144Obsidian Conflict[All Projects] Feature-Requestpublic07.10.2012 03:5707.10.2012 03:57
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Summary0000144: mp_weaponstay 2 mode
Descriptioncurrently, mp_weaponstay works like this: on 0, players can pick up dropped weapons (From NPCs or players) for ammo, which will remove the weapon, and i think will automatically remove them after a while as well if they're not picked up.

On 1, Weapons stay forever (if i remember this correctly) And players can only pick up the weapon but no ammo from it, so if they already have the weapon but no more ammo, they have to drop it to pick one up from the ground to get a new one with let's say 20 rounds and repeat so every time.

On 2, Weapons would stay, but players could take the ammo from them without the actual weapon just vanishing, allowing players who don't have the weapon yet to pick at least the empty weapon up, giving them a greater fighting chance since ammo is usually more commonly placed in maps than weapons. (This would be especially useful in the early campaign maps.)
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