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0000094Obsidian Conflict[All Projects] Feature-Requestpublic02.08.2011 01:2921.10.2012 21:44
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Summary0000094: Some ideas to help stop trolls/grifers
DescriptionI was on the Keyfox server with a guy and we were chatting.As we were chatting a person joined and he runs up to a door and stats to try and smash it open.We were lucky to stop him from smashing open a bullet sponge map.He left to so we were able to chat more.Then i got the idea of how to prevent self voters and people who want to annoy others with bad maps.When a door is hit by a crow bar a menu should pop up for the person who hit the door.On that menu there would be 2 options 1.start a vote 2.cancel.Say this person wanted to start a vote.He'd click it and just like the Rtv system a little menu would pop up for other users were it would say 1.vote yes for map 2. vote no.now say this person wants to troll the server.so he tries to spam the menu.there would be a self delay were if he tried to spam it nothing would happen for the first 20 mins or less.Hopefully this should not be to hard to make.I also have no coding skills or anything to help sadly.Hopefully we can prevent server trolls on lobby servers like this.
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neico (administrator)
21.10.2012 21:44

There will be an anti-griefer / self-voter mechanic, but the one described isn't something I'd like to see happen

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