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0000123Obsidian Conflict[All Projects] Feature-Requestpublic07.04.2012 00:2017.04.2012 15:30
Assigned ToTESLA-X4 
Projectionminor fixETA< 1 day 
PlatformOSOS Version
Product Version0.1.3.5Product Build 
Target Version0.1.3.6Fixed in Version0.1.3.6 
Summary0000123: An entity to check for playercounts in multiple areas
DescriptionWorking name: logic_area_compare

Basic description:
The entity should be able to check playercounts in multiple defined areas enclosed with trigger_multiple and fire outputs depending on which area has the most players.


Area(01-16): names of the trigger_multiple areas to check for player counts, should have a keyvalue for each area, similar to logic_case.

Multipleaction: What to do in case multiple areas share the highest amount of players, should be:
-Pick one of the highest areas randomly and fire output "OnArea#" for whatever area got randomly picked.
-Fire "OnFindMultiple" output.


Compare: Check all specified triggers and fire "OnArea#" output for area with most players.


OnArea(01-16): This output gets fired after the entity received the "Compare" input and determined which area has the most players. Should have one output for each area, so if area 8 has the most players, it will fire the "OnArea08" output.

OnFailed: fired when no players were detected in any of the defined areas.

OnFindMultiple: fired when multiple areas share the most players and "Multipleaction" keyvalue is set to fire this output.
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User avatar (0000208)
TESLA-X4 (developer)
07.04.2012 01:04

Is 'OnFindMultiple' a standard event, or does it include the indices of the triggers (I'd have to experiment a little to find the best way to do this first, though)?
Also, would another option to fire the 'OnArea#' outputs for all the triggers involved instead of 'OnFindMultiple' for 'multipleaction' be useful (i.e. fire both/multiple)?
User avatar (0000209)
W0rf0x (manager)
07.04.2012 01:11

"OnFindMultiple" doesn't exist yet I'm sure, And yeah, to fire outputs for all areas sounds useful, didn't think about that.
User avatar (0000210)
TESLA-X4 (developer)
07.04.2012 02:04

Well, I meant if the 'OnFindMultiple' output is a normal event similar to the ones commonly found on other entities (such as 'OnStartTouch' for trigger_* entities) or the form that includes a value (such as 'OnGetValue' for math_counter).

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