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0000150Obsidian Conflict[All Projects] Bug-Reportpublic21.10.2012 13:4021.10.2012 19:54
ReporterMaestro Fenix 
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Product Version0.1.3.5Product Build 
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Summary0000150: Gargantua is quite vulnerable to physic attacks
Description*I thought the DEVs knew of this, but looks like not, or just they ignore it*

The Gargantua is quite vulnerable to physic attacks or from little enemies like the manhacks.

Looking the hitboxes and the behaviour of the npc, it has a weak point: The upper part.

If you drop/throw an object (with the weight of a monitor or a chair), or an attack of a npc like the manhack reach this part of his body, it will reach the "core" of the npc (you will see it as penetrating inside the model), making a one-hit kill.

I suggest studing the model to check if the problem is on their hitboxes, or in the code.
Steps To ReproduceOption 1:

Pick a medium physic model like a computer monitor or a chair (can be done with or without the gravity gun).

Throw/drop it above the Gargantua.

Option 2:

Spawn some manhacks and watch how one gets inside of the Gargantua, killing him (sometimes, it makes their way through their back, maybe there is a 2nd weak point). You can watch this playing oc_kake and waiting until there is a fight of a Gargantua Vs Manhack.
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neico (administrator)
21.10.2012 19:54

probably it's AI...
HL1 NPC's use outdated and legacy functions which cause strange bugs...

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