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0000160Obsidian Conflict[All Projects] Generalpublic13.04.2013 12:5621.04.2013 12:31
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PlatformwinOSXP 32OS Version
Product Version0.1.3.5Product Build 
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Summary0000160: new official server IP unreachable
Descriptionon the old IP i could play + connect + ping without issues (

but the new one ( is unreachable.
- cant ping
- cant view details
- cant connect
- i see my friends playing there (friend-list)
- tried: ingame "connect", steam server browser, qtracker

gametracking sites see the server online and claim its located in portugal (lol ?)

maybe some ISPs block that IP range your server is in now ?

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neico (administrator)
13.04.2013 17:11

What kind of a Bug report is this supposed to be...
This is far from being related to OC at all...

1. Ping? If it worked on the old server then this was an issue that I've overlooked... No ping from the outside...
2. I can view the GameInfo, can Connect, can see friends playing there, can click connect

Server is located in germany and every software tells me so

your argument is invalid.
Rei (reporter)
21.04.2013 12:31

ofc its not related to the OC code, but to "the official server". And since there is no section for server related problems i posted here, sorry.

regarding the connectivity problems:
- by "ping" i meant receiving server information-packet
- still the server is unreachable for me

after a quick research i found out, that this might be related to routing problems caused by the usage of special IP ranges by some ISP (like 1&1). The assigned IPs do not allow me to communicate with the gameserver. (and some other game servers and websites). From what i read in the internet i am not the only one affected by this, so if you experience an impact on player numbers - that might be the reason.
i guess you cant do something against this since it should be an issue between the servers hosting ISP and my (and other clients) ISP or a DNS between ...

and btw this site: http://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ [^]
shows "Portugal" for your new server location - but thats something really unimportant

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