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0000033Obsidian Conflict(No Category)public27.08.2010 03:3305.05.2011 18:10
Assigned Toneico 
ProjectionnoneETA< 1 day 
PlatformOSOS Version
Product Version0.1.3.5Product Build 
Target Version0.1.3.6Fixed in Version0.1.3.6 
Summary0000033: npc_zombine not accepting custom models
DescriptionIts impossible to change the npc_zombine's model in hammer with the "Custom Model" keyvalue, will always use the default model ingame.
Steps To ReproducePlace a zombine and try to set a custom model.
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Maestro Fenix (developer)
31.03.2011 11:59
edited on: 25.05.2011 20:48

Neico told me that add to the list more entities with this problem:

Up to date (31-3-11):

monster_tripwire (uses directly the SLAM model)
(rest of npcs)

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Maestro Fenix (developer)
02.05.2011 19:42

Ok, i´m not sure, because didnt tried with all the entities, but looks like that this problem only affects the entities from the mounted games (EP1,EP2, HLS...).

Maybe is relationated with the mounting...
User avatar (0000084)
neico (administrator)
05.05.2011 18:10

it isn't there are just some npc's not converted to the custom feature

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