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0000038Obsidian Conflict[All Projects] Bug-Reportpublic04.09.2010 20:2512.09.2011 13:41
Assigned ToTESLA-X4 
Projectionminor fixETAnone 
PlatformOSOS Version
Product Version0.1.3.5Product Build 
Target Version0.1.3.6Fixed in Version0.1.3.6 
Summary0000038: Bugs related to player nocollide
DescriptionThe nocollide code has a few flaws that can seriously interrupt gameplay;

-If nocollided players are inside each other while standing on a moving platform (func_tracktrain, func_movelinear, func_door etc.), They block the platform from moving and/or take the blocking damage until everyone moved out of each other, usually resulting in everyone getting instagibbed.
If the platform is moving down, those players will float in place until they go out of each other.

-Player collision is still predicted on the client, so for a second it will look like you still collide with other players before you can go through them, and movement is overall very sluggish when going through other players.

All of the above applies to both trigger_nocollide and mp_playercollide 0.

-When 2 nocollided players walk out of the trigger_nocollide at the same time, they both will get stuck in each other, checking if the player is currently in another before making them solid again should prevent that.
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drhead (reporter)
10.07.2011 21:49
edited on: 13.07.2011 19:30

It also may be worth noting that if you walk into someone while on a moving platform, the person you walk into is the one who is gibbed, and never you, assuming that they are standing still.

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