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0000048Obsidian Conflict(No Category)public26.11.2010 05:1119.05.2012 15:23
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PlatformOSWindows 7OS Version
Product Version0.1.3.5Product Build 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000048: Crashing after "Server changing level"
DescriptionWhen entering OC I can play on a server regularly but after the server changes maps I crash immediately after loading. It only happens on the second map or on another server. I have restarted Steam, re-installed the mod, and even restarting my computer. It looks like this only happens to me.
Additional InformationIt get's annoying when you lose a player slot to a crash.
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Attached Files? file icon hl2_4104_crash_2010_11_24T3_18_47C0.mdmp [^] (104,762 bytes) 27.11.2010 02:18

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CML53 (reporter)
26.11.2010 05:33

There are no error messages by the way.
User avatar (0000040)
neico (administrator)
26.11.2010 12:54

how about crash dumps? ( also called memory dumps or .mdmp files )
CML53 (reporter)
26.11.2010 19:09

User avatar (0000042)
W0rf0x (manager)
26.11.2010 23:31

They are in "steamapps\username\source sdk base 2007" btw.
CML53 (reporter)
27.11.2010 02:16
edited on: 27.11.2010 02:18

Oh great I was looking in the wrong spot. Uploaded it.

User avatar (0000223)
neico (administrator)
19.05.2012 15:23

does anyone still have the pdb files for that crash? (haha if I don't the probably no one has but oh well)

well is it reproduceable by anyone?

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