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0000066Obsidian Conflict[All Projects] Feature-Requestpublic12.03.2011 23:2801.08.2011 02:27
Assigned Toz33ky 
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Target Version0.1.3.6Fixed in Version 
Summary0000066: Proper OICW weapon
DescriptionMaking the OICW behave like an actual OICW, mainly by giving it the airburst nade alt-fire. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Airburst_round [^]) whereas the primary fire can remain the same as it currently does on the scripted weapon.

How we add this secondary fire mode while keeping the scope as well is debatable, either making the scope activate when pressing the ironsight button so the right mouse button controls airburst nades, or adding a new bind to change firemode from bullets to airburst nades, so left mouse button fires nades and right mouse button remains as the scope toggle. This would be more true to the real OICW and would also balance the weapon and not make it too powerful and efficient.

When scoped, it should ideally display the distance to whatever is currently in your crosshair (we should make a new scope texture specially for this weapon), since this would help controlling the airburst nades, which i personally think should detonate when pressing their fire button again after launching one, since i think scoping, setting detonate distance and firing one would be a bit too much trouble for most players.

When an airburst nade is fired, its current traveled distance should be shown on screen (no matter if scoped or not) to help timing the detonation. If the nade hits an object before doing so, it should also explode.

The nades should have barely any drop-off over distance (i used to have a picture showing the drop off, but i can't find it anymore.) and also do damage to all the explosives-only npcs.

Airburst nades should have their own item_ entity.
Additional InformationI will make some quick placeholder animations for the secondary fire and add it to the SVN sometime soon, as well as a model for the airburst nades.
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W0rf0x (manager)
13.03.2011 05:44

Forgot to add this, alt fire should have a 5-round magazine and allow for some extra ammunition to be carried (since you'll most likely make this an sk_max_* cvar, the default can later be changed easily, make it default to 10 max now, as in 5 in the clip and 5 as reserve.)
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W0rf0x (manager)
13.03.2011 07:17

Just added the content to the SVN, check log for more info.
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z33ky (developer)
01.08.2011 02:27

The remotely detonated airburst round is coded and, albeit a little visual bug, working so far.
I'll swap the OICW from being a scripted weapon to be hardcoded, to have the secondary attack as a firemode-change for toggling between bullets and the grenades and thus making it possible to reload individually.
Adding that functionality to the scripted weapons seems to be too much of a pain in the ass; the airburst round is exposed to the script though as a "NadeLanchType".

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