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0000088Obsidian Conflict[All Projects] Bug-Reportpublic28.07.2011 01:0204.03.2012 22:41
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PlatformPCOSXPOS VersionLatest
Product Version0.1.3.5Product Build 
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Summary0000088: Crash on startup, no error or anything, just flat out closes itself
DescriptionI cannot start up Obsidian Conflict. It's hard to explain; I click to launch it, Steam launches it fine, and it flashes the mod's window and immediately goes away and Steam says I am not in-game, hl2.exe is nowhere to be found, etc etc etc, it just up and shuts itself down immediately after launch. What's weird is that it is only on my PC. I can launch the game fine on my friend's W7, but my little XP is the only one having the problem. I have reinstalled the entire mod several times, tried deleting add-ons, mounts, nothing.

What's worse is that it doesn't make an mdmp, so I have no idea what's wrong.
Steps To Reproduce1. Start OC on my computer.
2. ???
3. Non-profit.
Additional InformationRecently my computer has been acting up, but other than that, nothing.
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Davidos (reporter)
28.07.2011 01:39

Have you tried:
1. Running windows update?
2. Updating (ALL) Drivers and DirectX?
3. Making sure you have Half-life 2 (Episode 1 and 2) installed? Deleted+Reïnstalled?
4. Playing ALL THE GAMES THAT YOU MOUNTED (Including half-life 2) at least once?
Suppercut (reporter)
28.07.2011 02:55

Yes, yes, yes, and just tried it.
Suppercut (reporter)
28.07.2011 02:57

I'm also pretty sure it's not something to do with graphics, since it is not crashing or giving any errors or even making a mdmp.
User avatar (0000124)
neico (administrator)
28.07.2011 04:52

validate game cache of source sdk base 2007 and every game you're mounting (hl2 and I think hl2mp are being mounted even if you don't do anything so you might check those too)
Davidos (reporter)
28.07.2011 16:31

Here's something that helped me with some mods:

In steam, go to your library,there should be a lid there, click for a pull down menu. Press tools, go search for Source SDK, Source sdk 2005 and 2007 (or something)

Download those and make sure you have run each of those at least once.

This fixed some crashes for me.
Suppercut (reporter)
28.07.2011 17:47

Quick question, just curious:

How does an OC permaban work?
Suppercut (reporter)
28.07.2011 17:50

Tried to run the Source SDK Base 2007, and Steam told me there was 1 million % of internal disk fragmentation.

Funny because a disk defrag had once fixed my audio problems.

After I defrag it, I'll verify all caches.
Suppercut (reporter)
28.07.2011 17:58

Done but still no dice.
User avatar (0000130)
neico (administrator)
28.07.2011 17:59

what do you mean by permaban?
Suppercut (reporter)
28.07.2011 19:16

I know W0rf0x and/or Keychain have a list of players banned from Obsidian Conflict.
Davidos (reporter)
28.07.2011 19:19

Uhm, make a banned.cfg that is exec'd from autoexec, with banip or banid 0 (userip or userid)

Every time the file is loaded, the people will be banned on auto.
Suppercut (reporter)
28.07.2011 19:25

No, that's how to ban on a specific server.

I'm talking about this list here: http://bans.obsidianconflict.net/index.php?p=banlist [^]
Suppercut (reporter)
28.07.2011 19:26

All other mods work fine.
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W0rf0x (manager)
28.07.2011 19:37

That list is only for bans on the Keyfox server.
Suppercut (reporter)
29.07.2011 01:38

Damnit, it was working fine once before, then I received HL2DM for free, then I stopped playing OC for a bit, then a friend wanted to play with me and now it doesn't work. Oh the timing.
triarry (reporter)
04.03.2012 22:41

Have you tried typing -autoconfig for the advanced launch options? I went through a MILLION different fixes with my friend who WAS having the exact same problem, tried all of the above, etc., and it worked. Even after reinstalling OC, if its a config problem, that's saved to Steam Cloud now.

Worth a shot?

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