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0000136Obsidian Conflict[All Projects] Bug-Reportpublic03.07.2012 17:1419.09.2012 23:09
ReporterMaestro Fenix 
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Product Version0.1.3.5Product Build 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000136: ai_relationship doesnt stop players killing friendly npc_hgrunt
DescriptionAll the normal parameters are enabled (like, is reciprocal and is active), both target and subject are valid. Both are inside the radius of effect and a strong priority (tested from 1 to 9999).

If you put a npc_hgrunt as a friendly, you will be able to harm and kill him, also, even if they have a large health, they will continue dying by one headshot. Other times it will bug and will not die from them (until they have a little amount of health).

I´m not sure, but maybe the npc_combine_s could have the same bug.
Steps To ReproduceSet an ai_relationship to make the npc_hgrunt like the player and reverse.

Shoot the soldier.
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Ereunity (reporter)
15.08.2012 00:21
edited on: 23.08.2012 00:46

Updating temporary fix:

Set ai_relationship up to make friendly.

Then place a filter_activator_class with the class set to PLAYER and set it as the damage filter for the hgrunt. Set it to "disallow".

This will then make them immune to being killed/hurt by the player and player caused explosions.

If you are using npc_manhack_wep in your map, suggest adding a ai_relationship and another filter for it using a filter_multiple as the damage filter.

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Maestro Fenix (developer)
15.08.2012 17:40

Thank you very much. This bug is a headache, because you have to cooperate with those friendly Hgrunts.

Also, i want to say that the monster_sentry has the same bug. I´ll post here more npcs with this bug if i found more.
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neico (administrator)
19.09.2012 23:09

probably all hl1 npc's...

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